Music Lessons with Meredith

♫♫Coaching the Musical Mind♫♫


Meredith Yeverino's Professional Page

You might have seen me playing around town...
You might have heard me in a band...
Your friends and colleagues referred me...

No matter how you found me, I bet I know a few things about you.

You like music. You might even want to build musical skill. You think music connects us all.

Quarantine Meredith

Meredith was introduced to music at the tender age of 5. She started on violin and then added on piano studies when she was 8 years old. She paid for her own cello lessons as a teenager by teaching violin. In high school, she was in quartet, chamber orchestra and show choir. She was also found playing the violin in the pit orchestra for the high school theater productions and was the piano accompaniment for the full band.

As an adult she never left music behind as it was her constant companion. She taught her son ukulele when he was 5 years old. She has been with the church band on keys and then moved to guitar, and vocals for over 3 years. She leads a children’s music session on Wednesdays. Spot her locally at the Clovis ukulele strum along events.

She has worked with children and teens in various capacities all through her life. As a teacher, she looks forward to sharing her love of music and the piano with her students. You are encouraged to BOOK YOUR LESSON with Meredith.